Centreport employee
Developing Leaders

Investing in capability

Our leadership programme has a key role in developing our people and creating a positive and effective working environment.

CentrePort’s training and leadership philosophy is to invest in improving the capacity and capabilities of our people and developing our talent from within.

Three of the current 10 Executive Leadership Team members were promoted from within the organisation to General Manager roles.

We have highly engaged employees who are led by talented leaders.

As an organisation, CentrePort is investing heavily in developing our leadership skillsets across the business.

There are three programmes of work through which we look to develop our leaders: training forums, the leadership governance panel and the future leaders programme.


We embrace change and are open to learning from each other. We look for new experiences, ideas and challenges so that we can aim higher and be successful and win.


We truly believe in making this a great place to work. We bring an energy, everyday, to everything we do, that inspires others to have a ‘can do’ attitude. We align and engage our people around our vision, strategy, goals and their role in delivery.


We spend time with our people and in the business listening, influencing and providing feedback, coaching and recognition. We work together to build trust and productive working relationships.

Take ownership

We want to lead and we step up to own leadership. We build pride in everything we do. We take ownership of issues, accountability for actions and responsibility for outcomes produced.


We ensure that good decisions are made and enable others to deliver by giving them the authority, tools and when required the guidance to do their jobs well.

Our leadership governance panel oversees the rollout of our leadership approach and the five key pillars that underpin it: teaching our leaders how to be adaptive, engaging, empowering and inspiring, and how to take ownership for actual leadership rather than just management.

CentrePort is running training sessions both for the governance panel and for peers in their teams who they believe are natural leaders and influencers. They become advocates and are trained in how to reinforce CentrePort’s leadership pillars.

Future Leaders Programme

The future leaders programme identifies team members who have leadership potential. CentrePort provides them with training with key expert providers, such as Catapult, to develop their leadership skills with a structured series of training workshops and seminars.

The individuals then come back to the business, report on what they have learnt and develop action plans to keep improving, which their managers can help to facilitate.

The future leaders programme has now been running for three years, helping people on pathways to promotion. Their promotions pave the way for staff within their teams to also rise up the ranks.

“We’re seeing real benefits through all those training programmes, developing our staff into roles where they can add more value. At the same time we continue to keep our productivity and continuity rates really, really high,”

– Murray Julian, General Manager People, Safety and Culture.